DONE DEAL: Kavanaugh Secures 50 Votes, Democrats’ Worst Nightmare Becomes Their Reality

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Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who bought us all another week in the Kavanaugh confirmation craziness hopper, voted for cloture today on the issue. And now both he and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) just announced how they intend to vote on the confirmation.

The Arizona Republican said that he would be voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, “unless something big changes. But I don’t see it.”

From Daily Wire:

Speaking with reporters at the US Capitol, Flake said he could not “see what would” change his vote between now and Saturday at the moment. He also conceded that the GOP did their best to make Kavanaugh’s confirmation a fair process amid accusations of sexual assault from 36 years ago.

“Of course. Of course. This is a difficult decision for everybody. It really is,” Flake said. “And so, anyway, we did our best. But anyway, I’m glad we had a better process. We needed a better process.”

And as much as the Democrats wanted to throw things up against the wall, the extra week gave the allegations more time to unravel. And the FBI investigation revealed there was no corroborating evidence to support the allegations.

The Senate voted to close debate and move to the confirmation vote in a cloture vote today.

In a vote likely presaging the confirmation vote, the vote was 51 to 49, the exact party split, except with the swing votes Republicans Flake and Collins and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) voting “yes” on cloture and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) voting “no.”

West Virginia is overwhelmingly supportive of the Kavanaugh nomination and they have made that clear to Manchin.

And Murkowski has released a confusing statement indicating that while she thinks that Kavanaugh is a “good man,” she doesn’t think he’s right for the court “right now.” She also made a comment about victims needing to be able to rely upon the system which doesn’t make much sense. She met with several sexual assault survivors last night which should have nothing to do with her vote, but which apparently influenced her.

And now the word is in from Collins who just gave a speech on her vote on the Senate floor.

Thank you, Susan Collins, for having the courage and the brains to sift through all the muck. She laid out a brilliant speech about how the dissenters had no sense of who Kavanaugh was. Everyone should thank her for all her effort. And she delivered that speech in the face of screaming protesters who were able to get into the chamber.

That’s 50, thank God. That means that even if Manchin were a “No,” Pence could still break the tie. So barring anything changing by tomorrow, he would be confirmed.


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