MSNBC Reporter Tries To Corner Pro-Kavanaugh Woman, Gets More Than She Bargained For

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Republicans have the votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday. Manchin and Collins coming on board sealed the deal. If you missed it, Susan Collins gave a really solid speech and went through every Democrat objection one by one and picked them apart.

The meltdown from that speech has been intense and most Democrats are going with the lazy “GOP doesn’t care about rape” argument or the “GOP doesn’t care about women” nonsense. Really just shows you they’ve got nothing left in the playbook.

It is toxic. But, liberals don’t care.

Liberals have completely lost touch with reality on this subject. That was especially clear when an MSNBC reporter went up to a woman in Maine and probably assumed she wouldn’t like Kavanaugh because she’s a woman. Well, that didn’t work out too well.

From The Daily Caller:

“As a woman, you’ve seen all of these other women protesting in Sen. Collins’ office,” the MSNBC reporter replied. “Does that affect you at all?”

“No,” Hamm-Morris said flatly. “I think it is a reaction that has been fueled by money from the George Soros campaign, from Nancy Pelosi … I don’t think a person’s life should be ruined just for political expediency.”

The MSNBC reporter incorrectly claimed that Kavanaugh admitted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that he “regrets” some of the things he did, but was quickly corrected by Hamm-Morris.

“No, he regretted some of the things that he said when he answered,” she asserted. “And I don’t blame him for being upset … I would be pretty ticked off myself.”

What a ridiculous line of questioning. There are women protesting and you’re a woman so doesn’t that move you??

Um. No. Why would it? All women have to think the same thing?

Props to this lady for sticking up for what’s right.


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