VICTORY! Kavanaugh CONFIRMED, 50-48!

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After much delay, sexual misconduct allegations and all manner of dirty tricks of the Democrats, the Senate finally took its confirmation voted on Judge Brett Kavanaugh for associate justice to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh was voted out of Committee last week on the promise of a limited FBI investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations.

At the end of the week, the FBI report after interviewing 9 alleged witnesses demonstrated that there was no evidence to corroborate the allegations.

The cloture vote to end debate was 51-49 on Friday, with the swing votes, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Joe Manchin all voting for cloture. Lisa Murkowski voted no.

That was a precursor to the actual floor vote, with no surprises and people voting similarly.

But even in the Senate chamber, crazy protesters interrupted and screamed at various points of the vote, particularly when Susan Collins and Joe Manchin voted “Yes.” People had to be carried out at various points by the Sergeant at Arms.

Murkowski did a formal paired voted with Steve Daines who was not present because of his daughter’s wedding and would have been a “Yes.” That removed her “No” vote from the equation.

That left the final vote 50-48 and Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Finally, a happy ending! Thanks to the Senators who put it through!

Welcome, Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

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