WATCH: Hilarious Kavanaugh Protest Video Including Organizer Telling People to Harass Wrong Senator

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Now one of the things that has been on full display during the Kavanaugh confirmation process has been the absolutely crazy response by the left. They’ve been out protesting in force, harassing senators at the airport and in Senate elevators. And it’s been a lesson in how they operate and where they would like to take us. But mixed in amongst all that are some funny videos that stand out.

Now people make jokes about folks on the left really operating like a cult or a religion operating from talking points rather than operating from truly understanding the facts of what’s going on.

Perhaps no video says that better than this one from Jeff Giesea of an organizer from today instructing them to go to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s office. If that sounds a little funny to you, you’re right. Democrat Heitkamp from North Dakota had already announced she was going to be a “no” on Kavanaugh, so why was he instructing people to do it?

But that didn’t stop the guy from ‘man-splaining’ to all the women. But there they were, all the women, being told what to do by this man who was wrong and not seeing any irony in the fight against the ‘patriarchy.’

Notice only one person of all the women listening objects and the man gives her a completely dismissive look and turns back to the rest.

And what makes it funnier was the absolutely cult-like required repetition to repeat what the organizer was saying.

Here’s another one with another organizer doing the same leftist repetition thing:

Creepy sheepy.

Here’s a video of police moving protesters out of the Senate office building when one woman lets loose with a wild trill from Harlan Hill.

*Warning for high pitched screeching*

What the heck? Not sure what a Muslim ululation was doing there but hey, as if there wasn’t drama enough…

And at the end of the day, after the votes were secured for Kavanaugh, here’s video from Benny Johnson of the utterly defeated protesters just in tatters and asking for their “emotional space.”

Really? Seriously? Do they respect anyone else’s space?

One might actually feel sympathy if they did.

But since they don’t, it’s just gold.


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