‘GASBAG’: GOP Challenger Takes On Sen. ‘Boof’ Whitehouse In Hilarious New Ad

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One of the worst villains in the Kavanaugh confirmation saga was Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI). Whitehouse not only promised that he would go after Kavanaugh if he was confirmed and they ever “got gavels back,” but he also pushed that ridiculous Rhode Island boat allegation. The Senate referred that false allegation to the FBI for investigation against the accuser who recanted his claims.

But Whitehouse was also behind some of the silliest lines of questioning during the hearing.

While most Supreme Court hearing questions in the past have centered on judicial philosophy, what did Whitehouse want to ask about?

Ridiculous questions about what ‘inside joke’ words in a high school yearbook meant.

Whitehouse grilled Kavanaugh over slang such as “boof” and “Devil’s Triangle,” convinced that they were somehow references to sex and that he was going to catch Kavanaugh in a perjury trap. They were not and even had they been, that would not be an indication that the allegations by Ford were true.

Kavanaugh answered him, unable to believe that was where he wanted to go.

And now Whitehouse’s Republican opponent, Bob Flanders, is calling him out for it, with a hilarious new ad.

Classic! Nice job, Mr. Flanders.

From Hot Air:

The most hilarious part of this is that Whitehouse seems to be completely enthralled with himself as he sets supposed perjury traps for Kavanaugh — over teen slang from 36 years ago. Unfortunately for Whitehouse, he skipped over the part where cross-examiners do research and figure out the answers ahead of time. It turns out that “boof” was well-enough known as a slang for flatulence to be included in a book about it, and four other boys from Georgetown Prep testified that “Devil’s Triangle” was indeed a drinking game.

Perry Mason he ain’t.

Now one would think such a performance would mean that people in Rhode Island would show Whitehouse the door come November.

But it is a rabid blue state, so likely not. Whitehouse previously won by 30 points.

But that said, as Hot Air notes, a local radio host is reporting that the internal polling is showing a collapse in his support.

Local radio host John DePetro reports, Flanders gaining on Sheldon Whitehouse as Rhode Island U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs:

“Here comes Bob Flanders. The Rhode Island U.S. Senate race has heated up as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has watched his poll numbers collapse in the aftermath of his embarrassing performance questioning Brett Kavanaugh.

“The Flanders campaign has gone into full gear as the race has moved into a single digit lead for Whitehouse. A poll last month by WPRI had Sheldon at 54% and Flanders at 35%, however the numbers have changed. Democrat sources say new internal numbers show Sheldon Whitehouse at 47% and Flanders at 40%, with 13% undecided. Whitehouse has watched his numbers with Independent voters collapse and his numbers with men have fallen significantly.”

As Hot Air observes, it’s only one source. But it is an indication of how this is affecting even deep blue states.

New Jersey, another deep-blue state, is showing a similar reaction.

While Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) beat his corruption case, it left him severely damaged.

And he has a good candidate running against him, Marine and businessman Bob Hugin.

Bob Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat who beat the rap in a corruption trial earlier this year, finds himself in a shocking neck-and-neck race with political upstart Bob Hugin in the deep-blue Garden State. A new Stockton University poll of likely voters shows Menendez only leading 45 percent to 43 percent in a state Clinton carried 55 to 41 in 2016. Another likely-voter poll from Fairleigh Dickinson gave Menendez a six-point lead, but only 43 percent of the vote — a very low number for an incumbent of the state’s dominant party. No likely-voter poll has given Menendez more than 45 percent support this year.

And those are the deep-blue states. If they even have to worry about New Jersey, they’re in trouble.

The red states, where support for Kavanaugh is overwhelming, are even more of a problem for Democrats in such states as Missouri and North Dakota, where the GOP look likely to flip the seats currently held by Democrats.

If the catalyst for this enthusiasm is the Kavanaugh confirmation process, it’s also a question of where it will be felt most. That will likely be in the red states Trump carried, which means that those incumbent Senate Democrats that seemed safe a few weeks ago might be in real trouble. Two likely-voter polls taken in North Dakota during the hearings put incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp down double digits to GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer after having spent much of the cycle within the margin of error. Democrat Joe Donnelly still leads in Indiana, but he’s dropped from 51 percent support in an NBC/Marist poll in late August to 43 percent in two successive Fox News likely-voter polls. In Tennessee, where Democrats hoped to swipe a seat from retiring Republican Bob Corker, Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn has surged into the lead over former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen.

Let’s hope this really hurts them badly at the ballot box. Get out and vote.


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