Lindsey Graham Goes Full Beast Mode, Tells Dems What He Intends to Do To Them In Midterms

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has gone beast mode with the Kavanaugh hearing and he now wants to take it on the road.

Graham who never opposed another sitting Senator in his time in the Senate is now vowing to hit the campaign trail to oppose any sitting Democrat who voted against Kavanaugh.

From Daily Wire:

The Washington Examiner reports that the suddenly fiery Senator from South Carolina has pledged to change how he approaches his colleagues on the left, telling Fox News Sunday that he will appear alongside Republicans in midterm battleground states to help hammer home exactly what’s at stake in the 2018 elections.

“All I can say is this is going to the streets at the ballot box,” Graham, said. “I’ve never campaigned against a colleague in my life. That’s about to change. I’m going to go throughout this country and let people in these purple states, red states, where Trump won know what I thought, know what I think about this process.”

Graham found his voice in the battle over Kavanaugh, taking aim at his Democratic colleagues for first hiding and then pushing through vicious, uncorroborated claims of sexual assault, subjecting Kavanaugh to a two-week nightmare, as first the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the FBI probed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when the pair were teenagers, more than 35 years ago.

Watch out, Democrats. Beast mode is coming for you after what you did to the Senate and to the Supreme Court process.

“I hope everyone running for the House in these purple districts will be asked the question, ‘Do you support impeaching Judge Kavanaugh based on five allegations, none of which could be corroborated? Do you want an outcome so badly that you would basically turn the law upside down?'” he said.

Because of the disgust over what happened to Kavanaugh, Republicans are leading or closing the gap in red states like North Dakota (ten points up), Missouri (leading), Indiana (tight) and even blue states like New Jersey where Bob Hugin may be closing the gap on Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.

Graham could definitely help them across the line.

In the Fox interview, Graham also dared Chuck Schumer to name one judge of a long list that he would find acceptable, basically pointing out that no one would be acceptable to Schumer. “If you want to pick the judges,” Graham said, “Then win the White House.”

And he’s called for a “full inquiry” into the actions of Democrats, particularly Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

“I am happy that those who try to destroy his life fell short,” he said. “I’m glad that those who try to overturn the rule of law and replace it with mob rule lost. I’ve never been more pissed in my life. This is character assassination. This is wanting power too much. To the extent that I came to the aid of this good man and help defeat this debacle, I am happy as a clam.”

You go, Lindsey!

And in tribute to him, here’s a little Bee Gees rendition (If you want to check out some other renditions, just check the Peter Cozy thread for more).


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