Trump Says He’s Dreaming About 2020, Then Proceeds To Rip Potential Democrat Candidates

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Who in the world are the Democrats going to run in 2020? This ‘blue wave’ they keep talking about in 2018 looks more and more unlikely as we get closer to the midterms and there isn’t a single candidate on the left who looks like they have a shot against Trump.

Trump is well aware of that and he let everyone know it during his recent rally in Kansas.

From The Daily Caller\

President Donald Trump said during a Saturday night rally in Kansas that he is “dreaming” of running against Democrats in the 2020 presidential election.

“So far, I’m dreaming of those [2020 presidential] candidates,” Trump said. “I see those candidates before my eyes. Every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes while I’m sleeping I love them so much.”

Trump went on to slam a long list of Democrats that he views as potential challengers in the 2020 race, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

Here’s more.

From The Hill:

President Trump at a campaign-style rally in Topeka, Kan., Saturday night said that a fight with former Vice President Joe Biden “would not last long.”

“Remember he challenged me to a fight. ‘I’d like to take him behind the barn.’ I’d love that. That wouldn’t last long. That would not last long. That wouldn’t last long,” Trump said, imitating Biden.

Trump pointed to his forearm and pretended to blow on Biden, who he then suggested would fall over.

“He’s down, and he’ll never get up,” Trump then said.

Trump destroyed every candidate that he mentioned and he was 100% correct.

No one out there on the Democrat side is even close to capable of beating him in 2020.

You think Kamala Harris is going to walk into Youngstown, Ohio and convince voters that she’s looking out for them?

Not a chance. Same goes for Elizabeth Warren and all the other coastal elites that the Democrats are considering.


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