Hours After Kavanaugh Is Sworn In, Trump Calls Out Alleged Ford Leaker BY NAME

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The Democrats didn’t actually care about Dr. Christine Ford. They didn’t care about protecting her. They didn’t care about making sure her story was heard as soon as possible. If they did, they would have told the Senate Judiciary Committee about her letter the second they received it. That’s not what happened. Instead, the Democrats sat on the letter and said nothing about it for months. Dianne Feinstein even sat down for a private interview with Kavanaugh and didn’t bother bringing it up. Instead, Democrats brought the letter up right during the 11th hour when all of their other plans had failed.

That’s despicable and it really shows you that Democrats will go to any length to keep power.

Feinstein has denied the her office leaked the letter from Dr. Ford but she’s really the only one who could have.

Trump believes that he knows who leaked the letter and he just let the world know it.

From Conservative Tribune:

While speaking to Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro, the president chastised several Democrats for their actions during the Kavanaugh debacle before naming California Senator Dianne Feinstein as the likely leaker.

“You saw that group. [Richard] Blumenthal, who falsified his service in Vietnam, that terrible mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker, and Dianne Feinstein who in my opinion leaked the papers,” Trump declared, according to BizPac Review.

“It was terrible what they did to (Kavanaugh), very unfair,” Trump continued. “So I did stick with him and I am very happy I did.”

It’s really difficult to come up with any other scenario.

The next logical step is to investigate Feinstein and determine whether or not she betrayed Dr. Ford and leaked the letter.


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