Sick Sick Sick: Racist CNN Segment Crosses Every Line – Brace Yourself Before Watching

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We all understand that CNN isn’t a place you go if you are seeking the truth. They gave up on truth a long time ago and the ratings prove it. Now, all CNN cares about is two things. Bashing Trump and race baiting. On Tuesday, they took the latter to a new level.

CNN aired one of the most disgusting and racist segments that you’ll ever see on cable news.

Twitter was not impressed.

Don Lemon just sitting there laughing while his guests spew vile comments at Kanye West simply for disagreeing with them on politics.

They are proving Kanye’s point. Kanye has been talking about how liberals only care about black people as long as they stay on the plantation and stay in line. CNN is just proving his point by attacking him for absolutely no reason other than the fact he supports a president they hate.

Kanye West is heading to the White House on Thursday to meet with Trump.

From Fox News:

Kanye West – one of President Trump’s most famous and vocal supporters – will meet with the president at the White House on Thursday to discuss matters including prison reform and gang violence.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed West’s meeting in a statement to Fox News.

“Kanye West is coming to the White House to have lunch with President Trump and he will also meet with Jared Kushner,” Sanders said. “Topics of discussions will include manufacturing resurgence in America, prison reform, how to prevent gang violence, and what can be done to reduce violence in Chicago.”

That’s what leadership looks like. Trump is reaching out and Kanye is reaching out even if they don’t agree on everything.

All CNN can do is sit there and laugh at Kanye and call him a dumb negro. Despicable.


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