The benefits of away from town shopping centres are extremely limited…

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The benefits of away from town shopping centres are extremely limited…

– for instance: those without transport are disenfranchised
– Traffic on the roads
– ALSO (MAIN POINT) -Some might argue they create jobs .. but really it really is probably just shifting employment from one area to another…

Topic and Answer: Employment

Parents wish to achieve balance between family and career but only a few have the ability to achieve it.
What do you believe ‘s the reason?
Discuss possible solutions and provide examples.

PARAGRAPH 1 – The reason for imbalance
-Reason is work life balance, increased competition on the job, alterations in society, boost in the amount of working mothers puts strain on the family, EG Studies in america show that families with two parents that are full-time very likely to separate. -therefore this shows that finding the balance is incredibly difficult.

PARAGRAPH 2 – Possible Solutions?
-Regulations from government, increasing maternity leave, more flexible working practices, reduced working week, EG France had a 35 hour week that is working…

Topic and Answer and Ideas: Gender issues

Nowadays both men and women spend a lot of income on beauty care. This is not so in the past.
What could be the real cause of this behaviour?
Discuss the reasons and results that are possible.

IELTS Essay that is writing Structure

PARAGRAPH 1 -Marketing.
Beauty marketplace for women will probably be worth millions, consumer goods companies see similar prospect of the male market.
Therefore developing new ranges, e.g. Loreal for Men Expert.
Therefore main reason may be the potential opportunity.

PARAGRAPH 2 -Results?
-Difficult to say the outcome since it is still early, however general trend is within this direction,
–Deodorant was considered unnecessary before the 1950s.
-Market will probably grow and it surely will be completely normal in the foreseeable future.

Some individuals think that guys are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent would you agree or disagree?

Paragraph 1
Agree – Men are more competitive
Look at sporting fans, globally most are male a complete lot of sports historically only men participate: F1, Boxing, MMA, etc.
Psychological drivers of men include: dominance, control

Paragraph 2
Agree – Men are more competitive
it nature or nurture – difficult to say although it is difficult to say without sounding sexist

Students perform better in school if they are rewarded as opposed to punished.
From what extent would you agree or disagree?
Discuss both views and provide your very own opinion.

IELTS Writing Essay Structure:

INTRO: Paraphrase question and state your side argument that is.

IDEA / PARAGRAPH 1: they perform better in schools -definitely better
Types of reward – certificate, recognition, positive reinforcement,
tests also show children are sensitive and easily influenced when younger, therefore positive environment probably better…

IDEA / PARAGRAPH 2: they perform better when punished – works but too harsh for childhood
Possibly does work, however it’s old fashioned, potentially dangerous – could discourage a student for life

Positive better and more more modern.

A worker has to possess multiple skills to succeed in today’s very competitive world.
Among the skills that an employee should possess, which skill do you think is much more important, social skills or good qualifications?
Give an explanation for good reasons and offer specific examples to support your answer.

IELTS Essay that is writing Structure

INTRO: Paraphrase question custom writing and state your side / argument.

Social skills more important – no man is an island – idiomatic expression correctly used i.e in context
we are in need of people all around us –
Lacking social skills could seriously disrupt, demotivate and damage a group. – big list of great vocab for Lexical Resource score there.

Good qualifications, certificates very useful, extremely useful in certain fields such as for example medical, but in general, less technical areas, social skills triumph – less vocabulary that is common “triumph”

Consider both, but give more weight to sociability.

Do you think businesses should hire employees who can spend their entire lives working for the company?
Explain why can you agree or disagree.
Use reasons that are specific details to support your answer.

IELTS Essay that is writing Structure

INTRO: Paraphrase question and state your side argument that is.

Very bad idea to have life time permanence- almost zero incentive to boost,
Not fair to employee as the company may pledge allegiance towards the company but then the business relocates to Asia. Horrible.

The employee may become a burden when it comes to company. Employee can become an expense that damages the ongoing company, a lot of companies suffer because contractual arrangements produced in boom times.
British Airways is a great example of expensive pension contracts made, just for the entire industry to improve and render the contracts a massive headache.

Freedom should really be given for employees to “cherry pick their career destiny.

Cherry Pick your Best Ideas

Many people think women must be given equal chances to work and excel inside their careers.
Others think that a woman’s role should really be restricted to care that is taking of house and kids.
Which opinion do you agree with and just why? Include details that are specific examples to aid your decision

Women should of course be given equal rights to do to your best of the ability (good collocation) in the market place
Generous provisions and allowances should be converted to law to encourage this behaviour and permit females to also fairly take time out of the career ladder to follow a family.

PARAGRAPH IDEA 2: another reason that is good i believe the very first point:
Making legal structures to facilitate this transition wouldn’t normally only assist in improving the worker’s happiness and wellbeing but additionally enhance the health of society as a whole.
Japan has a rather bleak future because of the low fertility rate, perhaps this type of future could possibly be avoided with more legislation that is generous.

Definitely should pursue a lifetime career and definitely fulfil the traditional family role also. Government should help to make both objectives possible.

Films and computer games that incorporate violence are extremely popular. Some people believe they will have a effect that is negative society and so should be banned. Other individuals, however, say they are just harmless and help visitors to relax. Discuss both these true points of view and give your very own opinion.

Ideas for body paragraph 1

Many people believe they usually have a negative impact on society and thus must be banned.
– No strong scientific study
– Present globally but clearly just the US has issues regarding gun violence.
– Banning usually gets the direct opposite of their intentions

…harmless and help visitors to relax.
– Playing with toy guns never appeared to be a challenge, these are a modern interpretation of toy guns
– With every new development of a generation the older generation is usually worried… EG This happened with all the Beatles, with heavy metal and rock and Us hip hop..

These days, mobile phones and the internet have become vital that you the ways by which people relate with the other person socially. Do the advantages for this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Paragraph 1
It is much more beneficial to relate socially to others through the phone
Possible to give more contact that is frequent support
Possible to get others just like you, useful for individuals with obscure or specialist interests

Paragraph 2
Cyber bullying is starting to become a realty
Teenagers becoming hooked on phones, even labeled screenagers
Phenomenon called instagram realty which shows the actual life pictures without having the filters… .

Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do exercise that is enough physical. What do you consider are the factors behind this?
What solutions are there any to this problem?

Cause of not doing exercise that is enough physical Joke: no natural predators nowadays, nature could have solved this dilemma,… in past times wild animals might have eliminated those out of shape…. JOKE
– Sedentary lifestyle in the office
– Lack of time for sport in a lot of modern lifestyles (40h / week + commuting etc)

What solutions is there to the problem?
– Media campaigns by the us government
– Tax or incentives that are financial In Tokyo ……

Weddings are far more expensive in several countries nowadays in comparison to the past. What’s the good cause of this? Is this a confident or a negative development?


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