After Long Hiatus Jimmy Kimmel Lambastes Republicans Using His Son As Prop, But Botches Key Facts

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When he trotted out his own infant son to use as a political prop to defend government healthcare, Jimmy Kimmel once again proved the old adage that if you want to know if a liberal is lying, you can look to see if his lips are moving. But, as with every liberal, he got wrong nearly all his “facts” about the program he was trying to defend.

First of all, it really is a disgusting double standard to use your own child for politics. I’ll bet that Kimmel was one of the loudest to attack people for slamming Chelsea Clinton or for attacking the Obama girls. He is sure to have said you shouldn’t use children for political attacks. And yet, he is using his infant son for a political agenda.

But, that is a quibble in this situation because even as he spoke in favor of government healthcare, nearly all the “facts” he spewed to support the program were simply wrong, according to Daily Wire.

Kimmel said he was off the air recently because his boy had heart surgery. Kimmel then used the boy as an excuse to come to the support of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

“[CHIP] covers around nine million American kids, whose parents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but don’t have access to affordable coverage through their jobs. … Now CHIP has become a bargaining chip. It’s on the back burner while they work out the new tax plans. Parents of children with cancer, and diabetes, and heart problems are about to get letters saying their coverage can get cut off next month. Merry Christmas, right? This year they let the money for it expire while they work on getting tax cuts for their millionaire and billionaire donors. I’ve had enough of this. I don’t know what could be more disgusting than putting a tax cut that mostly goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children.” He urged his viewers to “jam the House and Senate phones tonight, tomorrow.”

If you can stomach watching it, here is Kimmel’s segment:

But, as Ben Shapiro notes, Kimmel is either lying or simply uninformed:

The House passed legislation last month to fund CHIP for five more years, but Democrats opposed it on the grounds that they didn’t like its funding mechanism. The Senate Finance Committee passed a version of that bill, too, but hasn’t figured out the offsets for funding it yet; Senator Orren Hatch (R-UT) has pushed forward the KIDS Act, reauthorizing CHIP for another five years as well. Hatch was one of the original authors of CHIP in 1997.

Meanwhile, CHIP hasn’t gone unfunded — the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have been signing checks to states for the last two months. Last week, President Trump signed funding for CHIP to avoid the consequences of a government shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Sunday, “We need to make sure the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which is expiring, gets to panel before the end of the year.”

So far, anyway, the CHIP program has precisely zero to do with the Republican tax cuts. CHIP isn’t being cut to “give millionaires tax cuts.”

Kimmel is simply a liar.

That having been said, the whole claim that the tax plan is nothing but “tax cuts for the rich” is, itself, a lie.

Townhall’s Guy Benson has done yeoman’s work in debunking the left’s lies about the GOP tax plan. One of his recent articles on the matter demolishes the lefty lies that the GOP plan does not help the middle class and that it is a “tax cut for the rich.”
Neither are true. The GOP plan is a boon for 90 percent of the middle classes and does not help “the rich” just because they are rich.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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