Hours Before Election, Soldier Goes Public and Reveals What Roy Moore Really Did at Underage Brothel

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GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore held a big rally on Monday night in Alabama. It was now down to the wire, with the vote coming between Moore and his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones on Tuesday. So people came out in the final moments to say why they were supporting Moore and what they thought about him.

One of the people who came forward to speak was an old military buddy, Bill Staehle, who had served with Moore in Vietnam.

He defended his friend against the allegations that he had acted in a sexually inappropriate way with teenagers by telling a story of something that had happened in Vietnam.

From NJ.com:

Staehle, who is now 70, was a captain in the Military Police at a base just outside Da Nang, a perennial hot spot. Moore was a West Point grad and also a captain.

The evening in question began when a third officer, who was about to return to the States, came by in a Jeep and invited the two out for a beer to celebrate.

. . . .

He expected they’d go to a bar and talk. Instead, the guy pulled up at a nondescript house that was guarded by a couple South Vietnamese police with automatic weapons.

“We went inside and as soon as we walked in, Roy and I knew it was a brothel,” he said. “The captain we were with was greeted by a couple of women and he obviously knew what was going on.

He described a little of what they saw upon entering.

From Daily Mail:

‘I could tell you what I saw, but I don’t want to,’ Staehle first told the crowd, gathered in a large rustic barn used for weddings, before divulging some details. ‘There were certainly pretty girls. And they were girls. They were young. Some were probably very young.’

So one would think that if in fact, Moore were interested in young girls, he’d want to stay.

But Staehle says far from it.

But as a testament to Moore – who has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault while they were teens – the candidate said, ‘We shouldn’t be here, I’m leaving,’ according to Staehle’s account. ‘That was Roy, honorable, disciplined, morally straight, highly principled,’ Staehle said.

Staehle said he was very impressed with Moore’s “self-discipline, his integrity, his honor and his sense of duty,”

“What I saw, felt and knew about him in Vietnam stands in stark contrast to those allegations,” he said. “I sincerely doubt that Roy’s character had changed fundamentally and dramatically in a few short years later.”

Moore’s friend has weighed in.

Now the voters of Alabama will weigh in and settle the matter.

[Note: This post is written by Nick Arama]


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