Dem Rep’s Hilarious Congratulations to ‘Doug Moore’ After Alabama Election Proves Just How Clueless She Is

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has a history of many gaffes but this latest one in the wake of the Alabama Senate election is Moore crazy.

The Democratic candidate who won was Doug Jones. The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, who was much in the news after allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior.

But despite the continuous national news especially in the last few weeks about the election, Jackson Lee appeared to be confused.

She scrambled the names of the candidates in an attempt to congratulate the winner, saluting “Doug Moore” on his victory.

“Sweet home Alabama. Thank you Alabamians and Doug Moore. Good has prevailed and our country is on the way to a new day #ikneel,” she wrote.

In a hilarious response, a real Doug Moore, who is a sportswriter, thanked her.

People had a great time congratulating Doug Moore on his new position and commenting on Lee.

Everyone appreciated the laugh and questioned Doug Moore about what he would do once he assumed office.

Jackson Lee later deleted her tweet after it went viral and she was roundly mocked.

Among her many past blunders, she once claimed that the U.S. Constitution was 400 years old.

In addition to not being the sharpest tool in the drawer, Jackson Lee has previously won the award for being the ‘meanest’ Democrat in Congress. She has the high turnover in staff who apparently can’t take working for her and who have spoken of her abusive and erratic behavior according to the Houston Chronicle. She would visit the funerals of consituents and have her staff ask the families to give her the oppotunity to speak.

According to the Chronicle, the saying in local politics is, “I’ve never heard of a camera that Sheila Jackson Lee didn’t love.”

Doug Jones, the actual winning candidate, is expected to be sworn in next year, despite Democrats demands that he be seated immediately so that they might use his vote to fight off tax reform and other votes.

H/T Free Beacon

[Note: This post is written by Nick Arama]


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