It Begins: California Announces Ban for Parents

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Despite their reputation for being the “Party of choice,” Democrats in California have ruled that parents are not allowed to opt their school-aged children out of the mandatory LGBT indoctrination in the state-sponsored school system.

Naturally, far left-wing California has become the first state in the Union to force kids to use LGBT inclusive textbooks. But at the same time it left no legal way for parents to opt out from the propaganda.

The gay propaganda law supposedly requires a “‘fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful’ treatment of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian Americans despite the historical insignificance,” according to Truth Revolt.

State publisher Mark Jarrett cited several historical figures who *might* have been gay saying that his textbooks will essentially make these historical figures gay icons.

“We’re not trying to make anybody gay; we’re not saying there’s an agenda; we’re not saying that these people are better than other people; what we’re saying is this is another group of Americans and they face certain prejudices,” said state publisher Mark Jarrett, whose history textbooks include special mention of the sexual preferences of historical figures like Jane Adams, Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, President James Buchanan, though it’s inconclusive if these prominent Americans were gay or not.

“I think we should say, ‘Buchanan, he never married. He had a very good friend who was living with him. He may have been gay,’” Jarrett added. “On the other hand, at that time, being gay was seen as something evil and wrong.”

It should be noted that men sharing expenses with other men and living together was an extremely common thing in our country’s history. Senators did it, Congressmen did it, and so do regular Americans all across the nation.

In Fact, it was extremely common even into the 20th century. It has only been since WWII that Americans developed a sense that living completely on alone with no co-habitating partners, whether platonic or romantic, was considered the thing to do.

As to President Buchanan, gay activists have tried to claim him as their own for decades but there is no direct proof of his sexual proclivities.

Gay activists have also ridiculously tried to make President Abraham Lincoln gay, as well.

The radical gay agenda is infused throughout California’s textbooks, Truth Revolt report:

California approved the textbooks written by Jarrett, a Ph.D, to be used in the 8th grade. Students will read that legendary stagecoach driver Charlie Parkhurst “was a woman who identified as a man,” according to Fox News. They will read that George Washington’s chief of staff Baron Von Steuben “may have been gay,” and that poet Walt Whitman “was drawn to young men… but denied his same sex preferences in public.”

Critics say much of these accounts are speculation, but California rejected any publisher that didn’t mention the homosexual preferences or claims against historical figures in their textbooks. In one textbook, the state forced the publisher to add “lesbian” to describe NASA astronaut Sally Ride.

So, to appease the radical gay lobby, California is now taking what are supposed to be factual school textbooks and filling them with “speculation” on the sexual leanings of historical figures despite the FACT that the facts are not known.

Californian is now officially indoctrinating, not educating, its children.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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