Oops: Democrats Accidentally Disprove Their Own Voter ID Narrative with 1 Unfortunate Post

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Democrats have spent the better part of the last decade attacking people who support voter ID laws as racists who are trying to suppress minority votes. But with one hilarious Tweet, the Wisconsin Democrat Party destroyed the left’s own arguments against the law.

The left rails against voter ID laws because it limits their ability to steal elections and commit fraud. But instead of telling the truth about their opposition, they claim that black people are too poor and stupid to figure out how to get an ID that would allow them to vote.

Democrats say that requiring voters to secure a photo ID before going to vote is onerous for minorities. They say it is too hard to find a place to make your ID and will cost poor blacks too much money.

Now, this is a lie, of course, because most states where voter ID laws passed have a provision for FREE photo ID’s or at the very least mandated fees at $5 or less. The laws also usually give a list of half a dozen or more types of IDs that qualify, so voters aren’t even restricted to one, state-approved, ID.

Regardless, the left continues to claim that getting an ID to vote is just too hard for their stupid voters to figure out. And it’s all just an attempt by Republicans to “disenfranchise” blacks.

That is their constant claim.

But, despite the Democrat opposition to voter ID laws, the Dairy State passed a voter ID law and now requires identification to access the voter’s booth.

So, Democrats are against the law right? Yes, but then there was this…

Enter the Democrat Party of Wisconsin to totally destroy their own narrative with one small Tweet.

“And just like that, the narrative goes poof. Yes, it seems that there’s actually a pretty robust process to make sure that free voter IDs can be issued in Wisconsin,” the Conservative Tribune joked.

An important provision of the Wis. law is that there is no specific voter ID card. In other words, the state accepts a long list of forms of ID to make a voter eligible to cast his ballot.

But even the Democrats’ own tweet shows that the goal of voter ID is not to disenfranchise blacks. After all, the IDs are frikkin free! The goal is to make sure that it is one voter, one vote by requiring each vote to be backed up by a voter with an ID to prove who they are. This is a way to cut down on the sort of ballot box stuffing in which Democrats routinely engage.

So, down the tubes goes the left’s narrative that voter ID laws are racist and meant to prevent blacks from voting.


[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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