Nancy Pelosi Breaks Century Old Filibuster Record, Maxine Waters’ Response Is Straight Bonkers

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Democrats are still running around pretending that they care about the DACA recipients despite turning down an offer from Trump to make 2 million of them citizens.  All they had to do was agree to the wall and they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it. It was a classic example of their ideology getting in the way of rational thinking.

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi broke a record but it’s not something she should be proud of.

She broke a filibuster record that has stood for about 100 years. Basically, she stood up on the House floor and prevented any work from getting done for about 8 hours.

From Fox News:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., held the floor of the House of Representatives for more than eight hours Wednesday to deliver a record-breaking marathon speech protesting a budget deal reached by Senate leaders.

Clad in four-inch heels, Pelosi spoke for eight hours and seven minutes and was given a standing ovation by her Democratic colleagues when she yielded the floor at 6:11 p.m.

“When you’re out there talking, it seems shorter,” Pelosi told reporters as she came off the floor. “When you’re listening, it seems longer.”

According to the House historian’s office, Pelosi appeared to have set a record for the longest continuous speech in the chamber’s history. The previous record, of five hours and 15 minutes, was set by Rep. Champ Clark, D-Mo., in 1909.

Oh boy.

Not much to say about the filibuster.

It was a total waste of time and it accomplished absolutely nothing.

Maxine Waters chimed in about it and as usual, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

From The Daily Caller:

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters described an eight-hour speech given by her colleague House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as “the most profound one minute,” Wednesday.

Waters, of California, praised Pelosi for refusing to yield her minute on the House floor and for speaking eight hours on the importance of voting on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), reports the Washington Examiner.

“We’ve had the opportunity to yield time to Leader Pelosi, and while she certainly came in to oppose this bill that we have before us, having yielded one minute to the leader is the most profound one minute probably in the history of this institution,” Waters said.

Profound huh?

Let’s ask Democrat Rep. Doris Matsui how profound the filibuster was. She’s the woman sitting behind Pelosi in the following click on the right side of the screen.

Yeah. That was a real barn burner, Maxine.

Does anyone really think that the average American voter finds this filibuster “profound”?

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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