Mark Levin Says What Other Republicans Are Too Afraid to Say After Congress Passes Massive Budget ‘Deal’

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Late Thursday night, Republicans and Democrats reached a “deal” to keep the government funded. Like most bipartisan deals, it was an absolute mess from a spending standpoint.

From Fox News:

The budget deal, which includes a stopgap temporary measure to keep the government running, allows $300 billion more for the military and other programs over two years. The agreement also adds $89 billion in overdue disaster aid for hurricane-slammed Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, a politically charged increase in the government’s borrowing cap and a grab bag of health and tax provisions.

Jazz Shaw explains…

From Hot Air:

I hope all of you who were fighting for fiscal conservative principles realize what this means, not just today, but in the long run. You can forget about ever wagging your fingers at the Democrats on spending from here on out. That ship has sailed. The next time the GOP loses control of Congress and the White House (and that day is coming sooner or later, believe me), don’t bother yelling about what they’re going to do to the national debt. That particular tool is gone from our arsenal. The GOP has finally been exposed as a group of limacine charlatans who talk a good game on fiscal probity but are unable to walk the walk.

To be fair, Trump made a good point when he signed the bill.

That’s correct. However, you can understand why Republicans like Rand Paul are upset. Republicans were given control of Congress and this is the best they can do?

Here’s what Rand had to say.

From Fox News:

CAVUTO: You’re against this. Why?

PAUL: Well, because it spends too much money, borrows too much money.

And, actually, we’re going to bring back Obama era deficits. I was elected to combat Obama era deficits. I remember running for office and saying, we’re going to have trillion-dollar annual deficits.

That’s what we’re going to have this year. So, now it’s Republicans in charge busting all the spending caps. The Democrats are complicit. Both parties, the establishment want to spend more money.

And I think part of the reason the markets are so jittery is they worry about the long-term imbalance of government debt. We have a $20 trillion debt. And we’re going to now adding a trillion dollars to it this year because of this spending deal.

This is a rotten deal and not good for the — any of those of us who believe that you can get too much debt for a country to bear.

You can add Mark Levin’s name to the list of conservatives who are not happy about this development.

From Right Scoop:

Responding to an article about the House passing the budget deal, Mark Levin wrote this on Facebook a few minutes ago:

I’ll just say it: I truly despise these grotesque politicians who are literally destroying the future for our children and grandchildren. They’re the most cowardly, sanctimonious, deceitful bunch of fools this country has ever burped up. Now on to massive amnesty.

Tell us how you really feel Mark.

His Twitter feed was full of tweets bashing the bill as well.

Conservatives have every right to be upset about this one.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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