People Are Noticing One Hell of a Problem With Obama Portrait — See If You Can Find It

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A lot of people have been talking about Obama’s official White House portrait that was recently revealed. Michelle got one too. Let’s just say they were a little unusual.

Check it out…

Notice anything weird?

The internet did.

From The Daily Caller:

One of them has to do with the way Obama’s left hand is painted. Some have claimed that the former President’s hand was painted with six fingers. Others are saying it is just the lighting on the President’s palm.

Not ideal.

Also, what’s with the ivy? Pretty unusual.

Michelle’s picture was a little off as well.

It looks nothing like her.


This picture would be debated about no matter what it looked like. That’s just a result of the partisan world we live in. However, these portraits really don’t seem to have hit the mark.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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