CNN Analyst Goes Rogue: Lights Up Anchor, Shows Her Real Reason Americans Are Outraged with Nike

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When Americans criticize Nike for making Colin Kaepernick the face of their “Just Do It” campaign and giving him his own clothing line, some pushback against that criticism claiming that Kaepernick is just concerned about and trying to bring awareness to “police brutality.” But conservative talk show host and CNN analyst Ben Ferguson blasted that, saying Kaeprnick’s actions clearly went beyond that.

Ferguson appeared on CNN’s “New Day” with anchor Christi Paul and a liberal guest.

Paul tried to push the claim about police brutality.

From Conservative Tribune:

“People complain, you know, if somebody marches in the street — they complain if they rally,” anchor Christi Paul said, according to Newsbusters.

“This protest is not about the flag. Why is it that people cannot seem to separate the focus of this protest about police brutality and African-Americans and how they are treated with patriotism?”

Ferguson fired back.

“Remember, Colin Kaepernick was a guy that wore socks depicting all cops as pigs,” he said, referring to one of the now-former NFL quarterback’s more infamous antics.

“He has worn shirts supporting Fidel Castro, a dictator and tyrant who oppresses people all the time, as someone he, I guess, admires by wearing that T-shirt.”

Ferguson also pointed out that “the biggest day of protests in the NFL’s history was after Donald Trump called out the players.”

“So, you can’t say this is just about police brutality when the biggest day of protests was, in fact, protesting Donald Trump’s comments about NFL players.”

If the protest weren’t about protesting the flag or the anthem, then it wouldn’t be during the anthem.

Even Kaepernick said it at the beginning, it was about opposing standing for the flag of a country that he thought was oppressive.

And Ferguson said it was clear that Kaepernick was against police in general. “You don’t wear these socks depicting all cops as pigs and expect that I’m going to sit here and back you up and/or defend you, and that’s the reason why so many people are upset over what Nike has done.”

Not to mention you don’t give $25,000 to an organization that honors a far left terrorist cop killer like Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur) which organization is training young girls to honor her too.

Ferguson acknowledged that Nike had a right to engage Kaepernick if they so chose. But he noted, “I have the right to say I’m not buying Nike anymore.”

And he observed that Nike obviously knew that they were courting controversy, yet did it anyway, indicating they didn’t take the concerns very seriously.


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