Activists Chase Lindsey Graham To His Car, He Delivers Another Classic Moment

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Lindsey Graham has definitely gained fans for his stalwart defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the confirmation process. He’s had a prior classic encounter with an anti-Kavanaugh activist that went viral and now, he’s had another, after being chased by protesters.

Earlier in the week, before the votes were secured, Graham was yelled at by an activist when he was doing a media interview. He turned and said to the woman, “You’ve humiliated this guy enough,” referencing Kavanaugh, “And there seems to be no bottom to which some people wouldn’t go.”

When the activist responded, “Well, if he would take a polygraph, it would all be over, Senator.”

To which Graham delivered the classic line of all time, “Why don’t we don’t him in water to see if he floats.”

That justifiably went viral.

And now Graham’s gone viral again after activists ran after him, with their ‘STOP KAVANAUGH’ signs, trying to harass him while he on his way to his car outside the Senate office building.

Benny Johnson from Daily Caller caught the action.

The women yelled that Graham was “despicable” and needed to be “kicked out of office.” In response, Graham smiled and wondered aloud if the women were South Carolina voters. “We will vote you out of South Carolina!” the protester said.

Graham reminded them they had a small problem if they wanted to do that.

Graham turned while walking to give the protesters one last comment: “Well, please move to South Carolina. You’ll be welcome in South Carolina,” Graham said.


Of course, they never let facts get in the way of their hysteria.

The protesters attempted to surround Graham’s car, screaming, “You old, white, privileged patriarchy!” The protesters were themselves mature, white women. They continued to scream at Graham, “You have changed so much!” as Graham’s car pulled away. Then the protesters turned on this reporter, asking, “How can you work for him?”

This reporter informed protesters that he is indeed a reporter. “Oh, good,” was the response.

And a picture of the encounter went viral and already has become a meme all over the initernet. During the encounter, as he was being chased and screamed at, Graham turned to Johnson, smiled broadly and adjusted his tie, like a boss.

People then began sending Johnson the pic as their screensaver, as framed pics and all kind of other memes.


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