Pence Faces Protesters As He Leaves Kavanaugh Vote, Delivers Epic Pic

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Saturday was a great day for America, with justice and reason triumphing over a nasty effort to derail a Supreme Court nominee. And while there were all kinds of despicable actions taken against Brett Kavanaugh, one of the greatest things to see was how the Republicans emerged as a force, rallying around, to reject the effort to derail him.

From President Donald Trump who refused to withdraw his nominee in the face of blistering attack to Lindsey Graham 2.0 Beast mode “Why don’t we just dunk him in water,” everyone stood up against the ugliness.

After Vice President Mike Pence announced the confirmation vote, he then threw the effort to derail Kavanaugh back in the face of the left as he exited the Capitol after the vote.

Pence was faced with activists at the front door screaming “Shame! Shame! Shame” as he was about to exit with his security detail.

From Fox News:

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Morehand reportedly told Pence that he could exit through the Carriage Entrance if he preferred.

Pence turned and his security detail radioed the new exit but he quickly stopped and pivoted.

“Let’s do it,” he said.

The doors to the protesters opened and a defiant Pence walked toward his motorcade, waving along the way.

And that produced this iconic pic:

Pence noted once again that President Donald Trump had kept his word to nominate a justice who would be faithful to the Constitution.

“In nominating Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump kept his word to the American people to appoint judges who will interpret the Constitution as written and uphold the God-given liberties enshrined there.”

People loving it.


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